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Book - The Jupiter Advantage


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The Jupiter Advantage

How does Jupiter influence your Sun sign?

Jupiter connects the personal to the social. Jupiter serves as a publicity agent and generates opportunities for the native.

The Sun sign reflects the native aspirations and ego. Opportunities for expressing the nature of the Sun sign socially and publicly are presented through Jupiter in its sign archetype. How well the Sun is able to recognize and use those opportunities is a function of the compatibilty between those two planets and their sign affinities.

The Book The Jupiter Advantage is a compilation of 144 essays on each of the possible combinations and how they manifest in the personality of the native. Jupiter and the Sun connect in each sign combination one month out of every 12 years with exceptions for retrograde cycles. It is possible that a Sun/Jupiter sign cycle could skip as many as 36 years before repeating. That makes this a potent and recognizable signature.

The book uses public personalities as examples and explains the manner in which each signature can manifest.

Each individual chapter is published on Amazon.com for the kindle reader as they are completed and will be revised and edited as the research continues .

Find your Sun sign and your birth year to get your personal chapter.

For Amazon Prime users, there is no charge for downloads. Check it out here!


Jupiter and The Sun

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